The common history connect all of us and embodies our experiences. Since its establishment we underwent many changes and many are still ahead.

Evolution of CZM


První krůčky

First steps

The idea of The Center comes to the world and founder of the center – Jan Koci and Pavel Náplava – return after twenty years from the business world to the university's field with a clear aim – to help the Faculty of Engineering in its quest for prestigious technical faculty. Initially, it has to be just an support for the Dean in applied management, which among other things, also backs the teaching of the course on Information Systems. A year later, in 2009, comes to the official establishment of the Centre of Knowledge Management as workplace for deanery of the Czech Technical University and our team has for the first time its own students – interns.




During the first two years we worked on a number of smaller or larger university's projects related to process management. Thanks to good results and experiences we gained several external projects, which helped us to finance our operations and expand reputation outside of the university. Teaching was extended with several additional practical items that became very popular among students and our accomplishments and activities led us to a strategic partnership with IBM. Thanks to that the common project cáme to the world – University Technology Exploration Center. By working together, we acquired the necessary facilities, technology and support for education and our projects. Interns also received possibility of interesting prospects for further personal development.

Laboratoř interoperability

Interoperability lab

Just a little later, Microsoft company heavily involved in cooperation with the center and together we created a faculty interoperability lab. Its purpose was with a strong commercial partner not only to expand our, but also the teaching activities in the field of applied research. The goal of the lab was to build a prestigious academic center that explores the convergence of various technologies and systems with Microsoft technology, expands acquired knowledge into practice, communities and teaching. During the lifetime of this laboratory was implemented several projects both with Microsoft and its partners, and our center obtained valuable experience for the future.


Procesní portál startuje

Process portal is starting

One of the largest and key projects – process mapping of the deanery – gradually spread to almost all departments. The first version of our application on the presentation of process diagrams – process portal – was realised for academic community in 2011. It has become an icon of process management at the Czech Technical University and its applications and possibilities is sprawling not only across the whole Czech Technical University, but also beyond its borders, to the partner universities, in research centers and the world of industry.


CZM je součástí mezinárodní konference

The CZM is participating on the first international conference

The Center of Knowledge Management is gradually growing, the first interns are leaving, the others are coming. Our teaching and projects continue in a promising direction and we gradually begin to focus on the research. After five years, we evaluate the first success of our work, there is not only our first annual report, but also the first article, where we present our center and its outcomes on the international conference The IEEE Conference on Business Informatics (CBI).


Pan Kočí se stává proděkanem

Mr. Kočí is going to be the vice-dean of IT

Head of Centre, Mr. Jan Kočí, accepts the offer to become vice-dean of IT and moves the cooperation of the centers with different institutions on a higher level, where we try to assist faculty in other activities beyond procedural mapping. Thus, the Center of Knowledge Management is gradually moving to projects in the field of analysis of IT infrastructure and information systems, training, design and implementation of technological solutions to organizational process and the development of supporting applications. We also expanded cooperation on projects with the Computing Center of the Czech Technical University and several other universities.


Centrum expanduje

The Center is expanding

Successfully completed projects brought not only the necessary background and awareness of the Center of Knowledge Management, but also allowed to create a wide range of position for interns. Since its creation, we have grown up to an enormous 32 members. 37 interns had left gates of our projects after successful completion of their studies and have entered into the commercial world. In the last eight years of operation, we closely cooperated with nearly seventy talented students, met next hundred them in the classroom, we implemented dozens of projects, established many partnerships and stabilized our position in an environment of the Czech Technical University and far beyond its borders as a center renowned professional in the field of information management and process management.


Where history ends, the future begins.

Be a part of our future and cooperate with us!

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