Cooperation with IBM

IBM has become our key partner already in the beginning of the origin of the Center of Knowledge Management. Through a common project of the University of Technology Exploration Center, we were able to build common facilities and offer extra support for students and faculty across all activities of the Center of Knowledge Management.

UTEC - University Technology Exploration Center

University Technology Exploration Center is a common project of the Czech Technical University and IBM, which established in 2010 under the auspices of the Center of Knowledge Management and the Faculty of Engineering. Its goal is to build a strong technological and design facilities for the development of practical skills of students, research projects and modern technologies. Thanks to mutual support and success, the cooperation was consolidated and in 2015, IBM has also become a major partner of the Czech Technical University for cooperation with industry.

Common activities


Together we built a server lab with equipment and software for testing and development of experimental technologies.


We connect internship CZM and IBM Smarter University Internship. Selected interns of the Center of Knowledge Management have the opportunity to participate in internships IBM or participate in a training and certification IBM program.


We realize common projects in the field of information management and development. Our interns are involved in the implementation of teaching projects and external projects, IBM and its partners.


Experts from IBM or their partners provide not only technological support for the teaching of some subjects of the Center of Knowledge Management, but are also directly involved in both the teaching and its preparation.


Regarding IBM belongs between the largest research institutions in the world, the part of the collaboration are also common projects, which according to their specialization extend over the entire faculty and are focused on applied research.


We realize common practical workshops in the building of the Faculty of Engeneering or in IBM company, focused on the development of soft skills, coaching, consulting, analysis and management.

IBM Best Student Recognition Event

Every year, we select the best one intern who gets the opportunity to attend the prestigious event EMEA IBM Best Student Recognition Event, a two-day networking in one of the European headquarters of IBM, where only a few students selected from universities across Europe are part of this event.

Students' Internship Great Minds

Great Minds, prestigious internships, annually allows only a handful of students selected from across Europe, Middle East and Africa to spend from three until six months on an internship at IBM's research labs in Zurich and Dublin. Regarding cooperation with IBM, we recommend the best students who express an interest participate in the internship.

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