Finding of using our knowledge and skills in practice is what gives sense to our presence. Implementation of projects enables us to deliver on our mission and to contribute actively to the development of our university as prestigious institution.

Current projects

Scientific Council Voting

  • Contact person: Ing. Lukáš Zoubek
  • Started in: September 2016

The aim of this project is to simplify administration through voting Scientific Council. With the help of sent documents, the members of this council will be able to immediately express their opinion on individual questions in the orienteering electronic vote. These prearranged points will then be able to be approved by the board of members as a whole.

Process Portal

  • Contact person: Ing. Radek Hronza
  • Started in: July 2011

To show the outcomes of analytical projects, we develop our own application called Process Portal, which enables the creation, management and maintenance of complete documentation process and related documents, with the evidence of the administrative structure and defined responsibilities of employees and managers together. We also provide a clear list of services, and instructions to students and staff how they should perform specific agendas and requests, such as a request for a study abroad using the grant and others.

Proposal of new version of study system KOS

  • Contact person: Ing. Adam Klíma
  • Started in: November 2015

In cooperation with the Computing Center of the CTU we analyze the current status, competitive solutions and technical possibilities and propose a new version of the web interface university-wide information system KOS. The outcome of the project is the design documentation, which will serve as the basis for the development of a new version of the system.

Computerization of processes of the Student department

  • Contact person: Ing. Adam Klíma
  • Started in: May 2015

Based on the process analysis we realize an online application for electronic requests of Study Department. The outcome of this project will be a web application that will enable to deal the students' selected requests through the website of the faculty.

Portal for graduates

  • Contact person: Bc. Michal Roch
  • Started in: September 2016

We analyze the current situation and competitive solutions and compile a proposal for solving of strategy for cooperation with graduates. A part of this design is also functional specifications of web portal for collaboration with graduates. The outcome of the project is the design and documentation of solutions and recommended strategy for cooperation.

Platform for study support

  • Contact person: Bc. Michal Roch
  • Started in: June 2014

We perform analysis, design and development of a complete platform for support of study. This platform includes Faculty Moodle, CourseWare system, the central application FELSight, but also the server part of the system, too for checking plagiarism Prosecutor. We also perform data migration to central systems from their original location, extensive training and active support of the teacher. In cooperation with the faculty management also help to define a strategy to promote e-learning and the organization and administration of teaching and learning materials to CTU. Since 2014, we launched and linked the entire platform and moved more than 60 % of faculty courses from their original location to a central repository. The final outcome of the project is a stable platform anchored in the teaching process with efficient management, trained staff and the greatest possible degree of centralized educational materials.


  • Contact person: Bc. Ondřej Košut
  • Started in: February 2016

The aim of the project is to describe the basic functions of the current version of Mobility, to define requirements for improvement and propose solutions to the new version of the application that is used for support of the CTU students exits and arrivals of students from partner schools in the framework of international programs and bilateral agreements.

Final Theses and Exams on the FEL website

  • Contact person: Bc. Ondřej Košut
  • Started in: June 2015

The aim of the project is the creation of documentation for implementation of the module of final theses in KOS, which enables publishing and searching of theses and projects for the promotion of free topics of dissertations, free semester projects, defended Bachelor and Diplom theses. The main goal is also to implement this functionality in a reasonable degree on the website of the Faculty of Engeneering.

Computerization of doctoral study's processes

  • Contact person: Bc. Tomáš Malinkovič
  • Started in: March 2015

The analysis of agenda of doctoral studies and specification of areas which are suitable for computerization in the form of additions or development of existing tools. The aim of the project is to streamline and simplify the entire agenda, while awareness of all participants is improving.

Realized projects

We put a lot of effort in our work and we have taken great care to ensure that our project outputs were professional and led to the satisfaction of employees, our partners and customers. Thanks to friendly and open environment we also support the students in their personal development and engage them actively in it. Our center has has built a reputation as a professional and reliable center, capable of very good results. In order to be involved in our projects, do not miss our offer for internships and if you would like to use our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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