Nowadays, many projects fail because of divergent views and unclear requirements between IT specialists and management. We are moving there, where these two views collide. Use our services and cooperate with the leading university center in the field of information technology and management.

Areas of interest

Information Management

We work with widely used tools in business informatics and look for their meaningful usage. We focus on the issue of the selection of appropriate tools, implementation, and management practices for creating an information strategy. We accept needs of management and we can propose the optimal and efficient technological support according to specific requirements.

Business process management

Business Process Management is a possible direction of management, which concentrates on the description of the activities and processes of the organization to improve communication, optimization, subsequent computerization, performance measurement and continuous improvement. It significantly increases employees' awareness of working of the organization, clearly establishes responsibilities and contributes to effectiveness of management.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is a subject that is significantly dependent on the "soft" skills. Therefore, it is very important to understand the connection between using of support tools, applications, practical experience and techniques to work with information. We focus on understanding the difference between information and knowledge,identifying what information is important and how to handle them. The outcome is a proposal for an effective system of transmission of key information and knowledge, including analysis, which knowledge can be transferred and for which it is very difficult or even impossible.


Consulting Management

We will analyze your current situation and suggest how your organization can work more effectively. We send you the know-how, provide training and help you to implement processes and organizational changes. We will provide you information support, offer a view from outside and control further steps.

Proposal and realisation of IT solutions

We focus on both the partial and complete deliveries within the life cycle of an IT project. We can carry out the analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of IT projects. We will propose a suitable technological solution with respect to your needs and limitations, we can help you with its introduction into organizational processes.

Cooperation with the University

We will provide you targeted research and development in the desired area and we can be investigator of the grant projects together. We manage design office of research, provide technical environment for specific development or testing of applications and find a suitable interconnection of cooperation with the Czech Technical University.

Practical Process Management

Organization which uses Process Management is particularly efficient and flexible because it can be considered on its operation systematically and purposefully. It allows not only to reveal the gray areas in management, shortcomings and inefficiencies in the implementation of specific actions, but to use technology much more practically, Data and Knowledge management. Proper implementation of Process Management is therefore based on six basic steps that are linked together and still repeated.

Charting and drawing of activities and processes in an organization, used documents, information systems, responsibilities and relationships.
An analysis of mapped information in order to identify problems in the function of the organization, increasing efficiency, simplify operations and optimizing the results.
The implementation of optimized processes, training of staff and continuous supervision and anchoring of processes.
Selecting of critical and redundant processes and implementation of electronic workflow, which enables their automation.
Measurement of key indicators, processes for easier control of their performance and for further evaluation and optimization.
Evaluation of the measured data of key indicators, identifying of weaknesses, designing of processes' changes and possible restructuring of the organization.

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