Thanks to our partners we can arrange real practical experience and opportunities for further personal development and gaining experience for students, which exceed the borders of the academic world. Therefore, we highly appreciate them and are always looking for ways of cooperation to set up a double-sided satisfaction to be long and mutually beneficial, too.

Options of cooperation

Cooperation in teaching

Regarding teaching, we cooperate with our partners in the form of invited lectures, practical exercises focusing on specific real issues and organizing additional workshops and special events. Selected partners are also involved in the design and content of some subjects in the field of information management, where they are involved in the technological managing of teaching, curriculum formation of the subject, design and support of individual projects and extension courses with practical experience.

Final theses

Our industrial partners are involved in developing a long-term active cooperation in the design and implementation of the final theses with the chosen practical topics. We provide support to partners and students in the whole lifecycle of the final thesis – from specification, through professional leadership to defend the thesis before the committee. We also engage our partners in research, where and when it is possible.

Implementation of common projects

With long-term partners we are building a common technical and knowledge background with the active participation in teaching, research or projects. We focus on activities with the specific objective, which is based on our actions and allow us to fully exploit the potential of mutual cooperation.

Participation in the internship program

With selected long-term partners, we strive for cooperation also in the field of participation in the internship program to offer interesting opportunities to students of The Czech Technical University for their personal development and the prospect of further action outside the university.

Current cooperation

IBM logo


This company is the main partner of The Center of Knowledge Management. Together, we created a University Technology Exploration Center, we cooperate in education intensively, our programs for interns are interrelated and we implement a range of projects.

Sophia Solutions

Sophia Solutions

The company is involved in creating and teaching the course Corporate Performance Management. It ensures the technological support, provides teachers and teaches the practical part of the course, co-organizes final presentation of projects outside of the faculty. Besides, it offers the opportunity for students to work on final thesis in the area of the Performance Management.



This company belongs to the most important partners in the area of teaching and research from the establishment of The Center of Knowledge Management. Thanks to the involvement in the academic program, our students can use the software and methodology of selected companies, where they otherwise would not have access. Together, we organize additional events regarding teaching. In research, we jointly built an Interoperability lab, whose purpose was to explore the possibility of linking Windows and other operating systems.



Among the youngest partners we include the PricewaterhouseCoopers company. The cooperation with this company was established in 2016 thanks to the activities of former center's interns, who, after their leaving to the commercial sector, saw great potential between interconnection of the activities of the center and the companies where they are currently working. This synergy resulted in cooperation in the area of support of education, implementation of joint additional workshops and participation in students' intern program.

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We like looking for a new and creative ways to connect our center and faculty with other people and organizations that share our values and interests to consolidate the long-term perspective and mutual cooperation. If you're among them, do not hesitate to ask us. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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