Process Management and Information Management is a complex subject that has specific restrictions depending on the environment in which it is applied. We are exploring their limits and finding ways to use the most its potential.

Areas of research

The Center for Knowledge Management is focused on applied research in the field of process control and interconnection of IT and business world. Through Process Management we are looking for ways to improve the function and evaluation organizations in diverse environments and under different conditions. Our main goal is to explore ways of capturing the organization's activities for the purpose of continuous improvement and increasing management efficiency.

Research projects

Process Management in the area of universities

We analyze the efficiency, appropriate tools and procedures for the implementation of Process Management in an academic environment. We create optimal process map of control processes on our university and set up and monitor relevant measurable indicators. Within the project we also worked together to create a methodology EFIN – Effective Institutions.

Comparing of describing methods of processes with the ontological approach

In cooperation with the Center for Conceptual Modeling and Implementation of FIT CTU we are working on a comparison of options of describing processes using BPMN notation and DEMO methodology and ways their mutual transfer.

Process quality measurement through measurable indicators

We examine the scope of the evaluation of process of quality through measurable indicators of elementary properties of processes and their predictive value on quality, clarity and availability of process maps for different purposes.

Stanovení hodnot reálných opcí cloudových řešení

In the Interoperability lab, we researched possibilities and advantages of transferring of chosen applications in the area of cloud on a common project with companies Microsoft and Software 602. Conventional methods for evaluation of the operation in various environments are not able to capture flexibility of cloud environment. Therefore we are looking for an appropriate way to achieve such an evaluation using the method of real options.

Obtained grants

  • SGS15/152/OHK5/2T/13 - Zoubek, L.: Reference process model at universities
  • TAČR Alfa (2011-2013, TA0/TA); TA01010784 - Using of computing power of cloud technologies for intelligent electronic forms processing


Although the research activity represents only a small part of activities of The Center of Knowledge Management, we managed to present the results of our research on the IEEE International Conference on Business Informatics and Poster and scientific publications Acta Informatica Pragensia.

More information can be found on the personal pages of above mentioned authors.

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