The mission of this center is to transfer knowledge and experiences to talented students who want to deepen their knowledge of technology and to know Project Management prospect of business.

Features of Education...

Theoretical and practical view

Students will test how it works in practice. Where it is time possible, we want students to use practical knowledge and confirm that the theory also has practical application. Involvement of internal and external partner brings real-world experience and an outside view to teaching.

Team cooperation

The basis of success is not always only knowledge, but also the ability to communicate with different people and teamwork which leads to a common goal. Therefore we focus on teamwork and lead students to an intensive and balanced cooperation both among themselves and with teachers.

Business view

We complete traditional technical thinking of students of the Czech Technical university with the business view. We develop communication and leadership skills, simulate real limitations projects so students will be able to evaluate all the key aspects of the project and reduce the likelihood of failure.

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Final theses

An important part of our academic collaboration with students is the leadership and defending of final theses. Every year, we lead a number of theses that thematically reflect the focus of our center, are part of our research activities, or produced in cooperation with our partners. Our topics are practically oriented and work we have more than eight years of experience with leading of these theses.

Additional activities

Teaching of students does not end with borders of subjects and lessons. To link theory with practice and bring it as much as realistically, we must give sufficient space for students to gain practical experience, feedback from practitioners and common discussions on the extent where is usually not necessary space in the limits of traditional teaching. Therefore, in cooperation with external partners we organize a variety of workshops, lectures and meetings that offer these opportunities to students.


We connect internship CZM and IBM Smarter University Internship. Selected interns of the Center of Knowledge Management have the opportunity to participate in internships IBM or participate in a training and certification IBM program.

Taught courses

Winter semester

Introduction to Project Management (ZPR)

In this course students will find answers to questions like how to manage a project, how to analyze a problem, how to create a vision of a project, how to plan and organize tasks effectively, how to cooperate using teamwork and how to communicate; but also what are the dangers that a project manager should have know and how to minimize risks of an IT project.

Being specialists in the field of Information Management, in a cooperation with our external partners we have prepared a complex Project Management introductory course which is also an obligatory part of a new study program Software Engineering and Technology (SIT), which we participate on.

Information Systems Design (TIS)

Students will learn various ways and methods of design and implementation of information systems. They will gain overview in different kinds of ISs, appropriate technologies, and practical areas of their deployment. Students will also be able to consider customers' requirements on the IS and choose proper technologies for their implementation.

Information Systems and Business Process Management (ISP)

Introduction to Business Process Management (BPM), with emphasis on the first part of its life cycle. The purpose of this course is to teach students how to "grab" a real problem, describe it by a process map in the specific tool and simulate its behavior. It extends the technological point of view on the issues of analytical, business and management approach. Theoretical lectures are suitably combined with the real case studies presentations and practical workshops for better theory understanding. This the reason why in some weeks we do not differentiate lectures from seminars. During these weeks the study is joint to the blocks and students are required to attend to the whole block.

Summer semester

Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

The course deals with Performance Management, which is a follow-up discipline of Business Intelligence. While Business Intelligence is often focused on an explanation why something is happening in some way (reporting and analysis tools) only, performance management as a related discipline (sometimes called Corporate Performance Management) provides the answer to the questions of what and how we should do (modelling, planning, forecasting and what-if analysis) to change the new situation. Students are first introduced to the concepts of Performance Management (including basics of the Business Intelligence) and architecture solutions from the business perspective. The scope of the problem is demonstrated by using practical case study. In the second part of the course students are working on their semestral projects – specification of initial requirements, analysis of various aspects of the solution, modeling and creating of OLAP cubes. Projects are finished by the presentation of the final output from the business perspective. Individual exercises are designed as tutorials and seminars led by an experienced professional. The subject is closed by the presentatiopn of students projects in the IBM company. In case of the successful completion of the course graduates receive an IBM internationally recognized academic certificate that confirmes the essential knowledge of the Performance Management and Cognos TM1 technology.

Be a part of us!

Since the establishment of the center in 2008, it was involved more than 70 students to internship. Many of them have already left the gates of the university and went to their next life path to success in the commercial world. But the Center of Knowledge Management remains there. We are always happy to welcome students who want to join us to contribute to enhancing the prestige of CTU. If you're among them, do not hesitate to ask us.


We will be glad to meet you and find an appropriate form of cooperation. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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